Agile co-construction

Agility is a method that adapts to complex contexts, involving all stakeholders to maximize the value created.

Agility must be deployed via a pragmatic approach that is co-constructed and tailored, with a focus on continuous improvement. Its deployment must never lose sight of end-user satisfaction.

At Ippon, we benefit from a multidisciplinary team whose diversity and complementarity allow us to implement the Agile approach in its entirety. We favor a pragmatic approach by offering customized mentoring.

We are convinced that organizations must take ownership of Agility. Our ultimate goal is to quickly make teams empowered and fully accountable.

Finally, we focus on knowledge sharing within the Agile community by organizing internal and external events.


I need to get organized.

The implementation of an Agile framework at all levels of the company may be necessary for better team collaboration or improved user satisfaction. To do this, we identify the value streams and set up a Agile Release Train (ART) with a focus on training leaders and increasing the skills of employees. We deploy Frameworks (SAFe, Spotify, etc.) according to the organization's issues.



I need to change my organization. Where do I start?

Any organization wishing to implement Agility must first perform an audit of its capacity to make a change. At the end of this audit, we will have a better vision to map out the road to transformation.


How can I convey the Agile mindset throughout my organization?

Historical approaches (V-cycle, Waterfall, etc.) are not well suited to manage increasingly complex projects. To effectively deploy Agile methods as an alternative, it is necessary to instill a culture of innovation at all levels. In practice, we train you to integrate the values, principles, and impacts of Agility.


We have a concern with a team's ability to deliver.

Team coaching is a process that aims to improve the maturity of a team, its efficiency, and its collective intelligence. It is adapted for teams undergoing cultural change who wish to agree on a vision, as well as to develop explicit values and operating methods for success.


As part of our transformation journey, we need to help middle management find their place.

The commitment of managers is essential for a successful transformation. To be able to carry out this mission, they must be proficient in leadership, change management, and Management 3.0.

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We need to facilitate a retro or workshop with our team.

In order to raise awareness and develop the practice of Agility, we organize dojos and workshops around the following themes:

  • Acculturation to Agility
  • Discovery of Agile Framework (Lego4scrum, Kanbanzine) through serious games
  • Team building
  • Team / program retrospective
  • Planning day (PI planning)


We have a new project and could use a Scrum Master.

Scrum is a powerful Agile framework that is often found in the teams and clients we support. In this context, we offer Agile team coaching. However, we do not limit ourselves to Scrum. Depending on the situation, we propose other types of Agile frameworks.


We've done some discovery with the business, but we can't manage to work in unison with IT.

The promise of the "Discovery to Delivery" offer is based on three well identified areas of work:

  • Evolve the business model: product vision (digital strategy, innovation support, User experience, and marketing)
  • Leading change: make the organization more Agile and align with the lines of business. (BizDevOps)
  • Transformation from legacy to digital: modernization to include new architecture, deployment methods, and innovative ways of working.


We want to deliver this project in an Agile fashion so we can take what we learn and adapt the roadmap and future iterations accordingly.

We support our customers and partners to attain 100% Agile projects. We take the time to train the teams and align the features to ensure the best performance and value for the users and the business objectives!

Our team

product owner


The Product Owner is accountable for ensuring that the product meets the expectations of the end user. They interpret the customer's needs and prioritize the iterative development of a solution by working closely with the team members.

coach agile


The Agile Coach helps the team become familiar with new Agile practices in order to become more competent with these tools. Their main role is to reinforce collaboration within the team and to empower each of its members. They are not part of the team, but work side by side with them to teach and grow.

coach agile

THE Release Train Engineer

The Release Train Engineer (or RTE) is the guarantor of the SAFe methodology framework. They facilitate the Agile Release Train (ART) and ensure coordination between teams. The RTE also works on continuous improvement of the programs and contributes to the progress of the ART and improving its deliverables.

coach agile

The Scrum master

The Scrum Master guarantees the proper application of the Scrum method and leads the various processes related to it: retrospectives, daily scrum, etc. They are also responsible in general for the team to run smoothly. Depending on the needs, the Scrum Master will work with the team to find the most appropriate Agile framework for delivery.

coach agile

THE Project Lead

The Project Lead helps the teams and the client to be aligned and ensures the quality of the deliverables. To do this, they are in charge of the support and operational functions related to the projects.

coach agile

THE SAFe Program Consultant

The SAFe Program Consultant (or SPC) is in charge of launching the SAFe engine within a team to make value streams emerge, to train the members, and to ensure the alignment with management and stakeholders.They then accompany the train throughout its lifecycle and help the RTE solve the problems that will inevitably arise.

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