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Legacy Platform Build v. Buy Assessment

A global travel insurance provider also holds a mature line of business supplying credit card benefits for the largest brands in the world, benefits such as Car Rental Insurance, Extended Warranty, and Trip Delay Insurance. The ecosystem of technology supporting claims administration had not seen significant upgrades in nearly 20 years. Before modernizing the legacy platform, Ippon was contracted to perform a 3-month Build v Buy assessment. We delivered far more, presenting a product-market fit analysis, assessing costs and building a 3-year feature roadmap to both modernize and differentiate the platform and its offerings.

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From PoC to IoT - Positioning for Series A

To position an early startup for Series A funding, Ippon was enlisted to design & develop the IoT cloud infrastructure to support scaled delivery of the proof of concept (PoC) to beta users.

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Case Management Success Story

This customer is a top credit card issuer in the US. They used an antiquated system to track their fraud and dispute cases. The system required licensing fees and was expensive to change for new business requirements. Our solution required building a new “Case-as-a-Service” platform with modern technology that was easy to change and usable by the entire enterprise. This case system handled any type of case management required among all lines of business.

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Multinational Fortune 100 Payments Organization

A global credit card market leader with 150+ years of experience driving customer loyalty and innovation in financial services sought out strategic growth opportunities through category expansion. Our client enlisted Ippon to identify growth drivers, recommend new product launches, and develop a digital product roadmap it could implement. Using design thinking methodology and a “customer-first” mindset to drive our product discovery initiative, we proposed 13 innovative product concepts that empower the client to acquire, engage, and retain a cross-generational customer base while driving growth for its business.

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Start-up Consumer Finance Company

Moving from upstart to market player can come with growing pains. Ippon created the tools which allowed our client to quickly craft new messaging campaigns, provide new modes of communication, and the integrations to gain insight into these customer interactions. They have been able to move off byzantine custom solutions that won’t scale to an orchestrated, flexible, and automated communications platform with analytics at its core.

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