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icon date02/16/2023

Orange Bank Gains Control of IT Systems Using Ippon and AWS

France’s Orange Bank, a pioneer in fully mobile banking, relies on simplicity and innovative services to stand out from its competitors. To gain control of its IT, standardize tools and practices, and set up a DevOps environment it decided to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS), with the help of AWS Partner Ippon Technologies. Orange Bank now has the agility it needs for future projects, while “ gaining security and limiting its resource requirements thanks to managed services.

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Orange Bank
Articles icon date04/07/2023

Jumpstarting Your Data Engineering Career: A Beginner's Guide to the Data Stack - Part One: Fivetran

Do you find yourself lost in an endless sea of data tools? Are you new to the world of data and unsure where to dive in? Are you an experienced data professional, always on the lookout for new ways to navigate the ever-changing tides of data? Either way, this blog series is here to help.

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Blog 1
Articles icon date03/28/2023

Modernize your Pipeline to be ARM-ready with Multi-Arch Container Builds

ARM computing has been historically reserved for embedded and small portable devices. However, recent years have seen a growing number of ARM products in cloud and laptop products. This includes AWS Graviton Compute Instances, Raspberry Pi's Cortex-A72 chip, Googles Tau T2A compute instances, Azures Ampre Alta machines, and the pivot of Apple's ecosystem to ARM based processors. I know what you are thinking: Graviton, Tau, and Ampre Alta are really cool names. I agree! Given this new wave of ARM products, it is important to support the ARM architecture with multi-arch container images.

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Modernize your Pipeline to be ARM-ready with Multi-Arch Container Builds
Articles icon date02/14/2023

Capture Data History With SCD2 Using Databricks Delta Live Tables

Delta Live Tables is a great way to build and manage reliable batch and streaming data pipelines on your Databricks Lakehouse. Your ETL pipelines will be simplier thanks to multiple out of the box features while having access to useful functions from the DLT module. For more information, I recommend reading this Quickstart article that will get you started with DLT.

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Capture Data History With SCD2 Using Databricks Delta Live Tables