High Quality Software

One out of five IT projects are a failure. This is mainly due to the lack of attention on one thing -- quality.

With more than 15 years of experience in the development of mission-critical applications, Ippon has a recognized know-how that allows us to set up a development strategy or a specific support that guarantees a high level of quality in software development.


Instilling a Culture of Craftsmanship

Our convictions to ensure that your software brings continuous value to your business

  • Distinctive experiences for your users
  • Constant, but controlled innovation
  • Optimized "Time-to-Market" to combine quality, security, and speed
  • Control of the durability of your investments

No compromise on quality and security

  • Quality of collaboration and deliverables through the implementation of software craft practices.
  • Ready-to-use software factory to promote collaboration and automation (backlogs, sources, tests, documentations, etc.).
  • Frequent, secure, and reliable deliveries via the implementation of DevSecOps approaches and associated CI/CD tool chains.

Need to Transform ?

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What we do "in real life" with our teams of crafters

  • Scalable, hexagonal architectures
  • MVPs delivered within a few weeks and fully scalable with JHipster-type project integrators
  • Cloud-native development (Monolith and/or microservices-based) on JVM (Java, Kotlin, Scala) or Node.js
  • Serverless development on the major cloud platforms
  • Design and development of APIs and GraphQL applications
  • Front-end development using JavaScript and TypeScript with major frameworks (Angular, React, Vue)

How we like to do it

  • Agile and KISS collaboration with all project stakeholders. Our craft teams are most effective when talking directly to the end user, whether in an upstream design or downstream acceptance. This has always been more effective than talking to JIRA.
  • As a "team-in-a-box" with experienced Ippon engineers to deliver quality work fast
  • In co-construction mode organized in feature teams (with both Ippon and client personnel) for long transformation and modernization programs
  • In "hands-on code" craft coaching of existing development teams for mega-transformation programs (100+ developers)

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