Cloud technologies serving business innovation

The evolution of technology and the cloud market have significantly changed the way IT infrastructure is designed and managed.

Cloud services provide an environment for innovation that can adapt to the business plan of a startups, all the way up to enterprise accounts. This is particularly due to the pay-as-you-go billing model.


Moving to the Cloud - Expert Tips for Selecting the Right Strategy and Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have never been more accessible. They are complemented by innovative services, such as serverless or real-time security services.

Managed services increase the reliability of your infrastructure and allow your teams to focus on innovation by offloading operational administration.

In short, managed cloud infrastructures deliver:

  • performance adapted to your use
  • a cost in line with your needs
  • high security with dedicated services
  • minimum operational administration
  • international reliability and availability

360° support for a successful digital transformation

Ippon supports its customers on a daily basis in framing their cloud strategy, particularly in terms of the best cloud providers and the most suitable services for each of their projects.

We perform complete audits of your cloud platforms using our repositories and participate in programs such as the AWS Well Architected Review. Ippon analyzes your risks and proposes the right solutions for your business context.

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Consultants and partnerships up to the challenge

Ippon helps you adopt the cloud and its managed services with more than 150 cloud-certified employees. In addition, we have created strong partnerships with the major cloud providers, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, so that you can benefit from the expertise and power of the best technology players in the market.

Ippon values the development of your teams' skills.

The extensive experience of our consultants allows us to set up Cloud Centers of Expertise (CCoE). This covers the entire scope from raising the skills of customer teams, to providing a DevOps methodology and handling security and observability.

In addition to speaking at major conferences such as the AWS Summit, Ippon also offers its customers this sense of sharing by providing Cloud and DevOps coaching or acculturation through Coding Dojos and customized training.

Ippon goes beyond building your cloud

Ippon is also the expert outsourcer of your cloud infrastructures with Ippon Managed Services (IMS).

Take your cloud to the next level with DevSecOps

The DevSecOps movement has brought a set of tools that significantly improve application lifecycle management. Orchestration platforms associated with containers have further amplified this phenomenon and are becoming the new standard.

In short, DevSecOps significantly improves your Time to Market! In addition, these developments respond to different challenges:

  • Deployment frequency
  • Quality improvement
  • Reliability
  • Financial optimization

In addition, DevSecOps takes security to the next level by integrating security at the source of your deployments. These features correspond directly to the pillars of stable cloud architectures. It is therefore a complementary and essential addition to your cloud transformation.

Your organization must be able to benefit from the latest technological evolutions in order to stay focused on value creation and customers.

Ippon's strength is to provide you with expertise on your infrastructure, but also with software craftsmanship, security, and DevSecOps and SRE methodology.

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