Providing Relief to Those Who Serve

Ippon streamlines and automates an application process for U.S. service members who need financial assistance

When service members answer the call to defend their country, the last thing that should be on their minds is stress and worry over personal financial matters. That’s why, for more than a century, the United States has had laws in place to ensure they receive financial and legal protections while they’re deployed or on active duty. Unfortunately, getting this assistance is sometimes more cumbersome and stressful than it should be.

A top 10 U.S. bank was facing exactly this problem as it attempted to provide financial relief to qualifying service members. Under the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), U.S. service members are entitled to a 6% interest rate cap on their loans and credit card debt, among other forms of financial and legal relief. The problem was that this company lacked an automated process for processing its customers’ SCRA applications. As a result, customers faced excruciatingly long delays of up to a month to get their applications approved. Applicants also were understandably frustrated when agents struggled to answer basic questions about application status. The company desperately needed a complete overhaul of its SCRA application process.

Ippon answered the call, leading the company through a full reimagining of its SCRA systems and workflows. The outcomes speak for themselves: the application processing time was cut by more than half, and agents gained full visibility into the status of SCRA applications. The project team even won an internal company award for the digital transformation initiative.

For Ippon, the project represented more than just a successful transformation of a business process. It also reflected Ippon’s core values, as it enabled Ippon to take on work that made a meaningful, tangible difference in the lives of the most selfless and brave among us. At Ippon, there’s no more noble purpose than that.

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