Stock Recommendation Company sees accelerated data analytics with Snowflake

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A well known stock recommendation company that offers free articles, a slew of premium stock advisor products, and a wealth management program was looking for help with a data transformation project. When managing their operations across different business units proved difficult on their traditional, on-prem data warehouse, they reached out to Ippon to aid them in migrating their data platform to the cloud. We were able to migrate hundreds of queries while introducing new tools for orchestration, CI/CD, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), and monitoring. Now, their data platform supports more than triple the business reports.


As the company began to embrace new ways to analyze their data, they found their siloed, on-premises database lacking features and integrations. Much of their core logic for moving data existed outside of source control, in separate tools, and often in multiple locations. Bringing in new data was difficult, and managing cloud resources was becoming demanding. 


Ippon began by reaching out to business stakeholders and identifying their requirements and priorities, as well as to the core engineering team to hear their biggest pain points. We set out a roadmap to architect, implement, and communicate new pipelines for data landing in the cloud. Next was the automated deployment of AWS resources and orchestration code to accelerate development, while leveraging platformnative tools to ingest data quickly and cost efficiently. Next, we helped design and implement security roles to manage access control.

One of the goals of this project was to unify disparate code bases for their data pipelines. Ippon often had to reconcile conflicting queries, but by bringing together the engineering team and business stakeholders, we were able to identify solutions that solved for both parties' needs.

The company brought forward their pain points and a vision forward which we used as a starting point to build a tailored solution for their data needs. Ippon advised them on the use, best practices, and integrations of tools and technologies they could utilize. Additionally, we leveraged our team's expertise to architect and build a reimagined data platform. As the project evolved, new technologies were tested, evaluated, and compared via proofs-of-concept (POCs) before making recommendations. 


The end result was a unified data platform, allowing the company to easily develop new data marts and drive business outcomes. Part of the process was to optimize SQL queries for efficiency, readability, and maintainability. Ippon also provided guidance to the company on establishing best practices to avoid future rewrites. Along with standardizing their code and helping establish best practices to avoid future tech debt, we were able to enhance the delivery and performance while keeping costs low.

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