Instant payments are coming. Will you be ready?

Instant payments are becoming a reality, driven in large part by consumers’ and business’ desire for payments that settle in seconds. FedNow, the Federal Reserves’ real-time payments solution, is in pilot today and scheduled for release in 2023. Financial institutions must use FedNow within seven years.

For financial institutions, the benefits of instant payments include the ability to offer new revenue generating mobile and online P2P payment options, improve customer satisfaction and retention, reduce costs and risks, and minimize the volume of payments traveling through closed-loop payments systems that disintermediate banks.

Preparing for instant payments through FedNow means addressing technology, operational, compliance, and organizational readiness. To evaluate where you are today and where you need to be, download this white paper and get ready to take advantage of the benefits of instant payments.


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Articles 01/12/2023

Azure from an AWS World

Coming from an AWS background, when I was asked to help out on a project that was exclusively using Azure for EVERYTHING including infrastructure, code repository, and CI/CD, I was nervous. I knew that both providers had many similarities in offerings as they continued to mature, but to what level? Every service had a different name. How did the pieces fit together? What menu do you even navigate to in order to verify a setting. Even the Terraform modules were different. Where are you even supposed to start?

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Azure from an AWS World
Articles 01/10/2023

Advancing from Microservices to include Micro Frontends, leading to Vertical Teams

The journey from a monolithic architecture to a more scalable one is more important than ever for larger companies. They need the flexibility to scale and keep up with market demands in this unpredictable, evolving market. As customers' needs change and grow, enterprise applications need to be designed around a loosely-coupled architecture. We will explore how microservices solve many issues arising from monolithic architectures.

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Advancing from Microservices
Articles 12/20/2022

Hardening Kubernetes and What That Entails With Entando

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating containerized applications' deployment, scaling, and management. In recent years Kubernetes has gained immense popularity, likely due to its declarative nature. With Kubernetes, most infrastructure details are abstracted away from the user, which makes for an "agile-ready" environment. However, securing applications in this environment can be challenging because of this abstraction and Kubernetes' underlying architecture.

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