Customer experience at the heart of transformation

Digital transformation is no longer an option, it is an absolute necessity for all organizations. The changing nature of the economy is forcing companies to adapt.

Due to increasing competition, brands have finally realized that their digital strategy must take into account what their customers expect from the mutual relationship. If the customer experience concept has become fashionable in recent years, it is because any approach that can attract and retain customers is seen as valuable.
Companies are trying to take a more ‘user-centric’ vision.
This means placing users at the heart of ALL processes employed for creating and delivering services and products.

Authors :
Maritza ABREO (Head of Design at Ippon Technologies)
David Martin (Head of IT Consulting at Ippon Technologies)
Patrick Jean-François (Head of the Digital Consulting Hub at Ippon Technologies)

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Success story 05/31/2023

Fenris Digital

Fenris Digital is a new InsurTech company focused on improving the customer journey at the point of quote. Fenris maintains one of the largest insurance data repositories in the industry. Using records on over 255 million adults, 130 million households, and 50 million small businesses, the Fenris pre-fill data API helps reduce the average application question set from 50 to just five.

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Success story 05/31/2023


Our client manages the end-to-end lifecycle for visa applications on behalf of governments across the world. Ippon was brought in to modernize the visa application platform to enable scaling for US federal government use. Ippon adapted the application to make it run within AWS GovCloud and be authorized to receive an Authority To Operate (ATO) from the US federal government. Without these changes, the application would not be usable by what would end up being the largest potential customer for our client: the US State Department.

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Success story 05/31/2023

Case Management Success Story

This customer is a top credit card issuer in the US. They used an antiquated system to track their fraud and dispute cases. The system required licensing fees and was expensive to change for new business requirements. Our solution required building a new “Case-as-a-Service” platform with modern technology that was easy to change and usable by the entire enterprise. This case system handled any type of case management required among all lines of business. The customer’s primary business is credit cards, but they also have retail and commercial banking divisions. The customer prides themselves on being leaders in technology within banking. This same customer also has fully adopted the cloud and has exited data centers entirely.

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Success Story