Customer experience at the heart of transformation

Digital transformation is no longer an option, it is an absolute necessity for all organizations. The changing nature of the economy is forcing companies to adapt.

Due to increasing competition, brands have finally realized that their digital strategy must take into account what their customers expect from the mutual relationship. If the customer experience concept has become fashionable in recent years, it is because any approach that can attract and retain customers is seen as valuable.
Companies are trying to take a more ‘user-centric’ vision.
This means placing users at the heart of ALL processes employed for creating and delivering services and products.

Authors :
Maritza ABREO (Head of Design at Ippon Technologies)
David Martin (Head of IT Consulting at Ippon Technologies)
Patrick Jean-François (Head of the Digital Consulting Hub at Ippon Technologies)

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Articles 03/11/2024


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Success story 01/10/2024

Top 10 US bank

Automation of SCRA benefits for Top 10 bank saving an estimated $600k OPEX

The process for Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) required agents to manually verify service members are eligible to statutory benefits and then send out letters informing them if they were eligible or not. That process created an inefficient experience for service members and customer service agents. Service members would receive little communication about the status of their application until after they had been applied or denied. The new solution automated the heaviest work process for agents, reducing the time spent by agents working on cases and accelerating the time that clients receive notifications and credits by 50%.

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SCRA Success Story
Success story 09/11/2023

Top 10 U.S. Bank

Migrating Thousands of Contact Center Agents off 15+-Year-Old Legacy Platform in 18 Months.

A revolving Ippon client and Top 10 U.S. Bank engaged Ippon to accelerate the migration off of a 15+-year-old legacy platform supporting thousands of contact center agents. An extended contract and teams-in-a-box approach was applied at a ratio of 4-to-1, supplementing in-house engineering. The teams iteratively delivered over 12 months on an MVP alongside 12 trailblazer agents. Over the subsequent eight weeks, 100% of the remaining 1,500 collections agents moved to the new platform with little disruption or incident.

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