The Software Engineering Practice gets a focus on Craftsmanship at Devnexus 2021

Ippon Technologies had a blast at Devnexus 2021! Ben Scott, our Head of Software Engineering, hosted a talk on "Instilling a Culture of Craftsmanship" and explained the importance of the quality of the software. 

It is only when the employees care about the quality of their work and when the organization rewards quality over speed that they will make a lasting impact. To improve the quality of the deliverables, a lasting solution is to instill a cultural change.

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About Ben Scott

Ben is a craftsman with over a decade of experience designing and delivering software solutions for a multitude of clients. He is passionate about Agile development and at aligning business with tech to ensure we built the right solution at the right scale. His clients include startups to Fortune 100 companies. He is a passionate mentor, a leader and a conference speaker.

Ben’s take on Ippon Technologies

"Ippon Technologies is a community of driven engineers that provide the support we need to push ourselves to the next level. I've been at Ippon Technologies in the USA since the beginning, and I've remained with Ippon because they delivered on their promise on being a career accelerator. We set the example of what a software team looks like. We are experts and humble. We care about each others career goals and support each other. It's the perfect place for a career driven engineer that is looking for mentors to reach the next level. Our clients love us because our engineering teams become an instant power up to their organization. We deliver quality code, while learning and having fun."

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About Ippon Technologies

Ippon Technologies is a global consulting firm that helps companies unlock possibilities through innovative technology and industry know-how. Our consultants have expertise in Product Management, Data, Custom Software and Cloud/DevOps and help companies from Discovery to Delivery.