Ippon Technologies formalizes partnership with Bitrise

After relying on Bitrise in 2019 for both in-house developments and customer projects, Ippon becomes the first consulting firm to partner with this Mobile CI/CD solution in 2023. 


Paris, September 11, 2023 - Ippon Technologies, a technology consulting and expertise firm, announces the signing of an official partnership with Bitrise. Ippon thus becomes the first and only consultancy firm to date in France to partner with this mobile CI/CD solution, reinforcing its expertise in DevOps specific to the mobile ecosystem: Mobile Ops.

The objectives of this partnership

The deployment of mobile applications can sometimes be complex to manage, due to the specificities of each platform. Bitrise is the only managed CI/CD platform specially optimized for mobile, guaranteeing the quality of deliverables and accelerating the time-to-market of applications in stores. It offers tailor-made solutions, powerful integrations, and an optimized workflow for mobile application developers.

Thanks to the partnership with this solution, Ippon strengthens its ability to provide comprehensive Mobile Ops expertise to all its customers. For Bitrise, this partnership will scale its adoption by large enterprises that require a complete offering, an end-to-end support for digital transformation, giving the company a significant advantage for its customers with high technical debt or low test coverage. 

"The benefits in terms of time to market for our customers and sovereignty when handing over to customers convinced us to formalize our collaboration through an official partnership with Bitrise. This collaboration reinforces Ippon's expertise in Mobile Ops," adds Willy Rouvre, CTO of Ippon Technologies in Nantes (France). 

"Mobile is now responsible for a disproportionate portion of companies’ overall revenue. As such, their mobile development operations and processes should reflect that,” said Barnabas Birmacher, CEO of Bitrise. “Our partnership with Ippon Technologies is a nod to the fact that traditional devops practices alone are no longer enough. Companies who want to be successful in this space must be equipped to meet the nuanced challenges in order to scale their mobile revenue streams."

A "Tour de France" dedicated to experts and decision-makers

Ippon Technologies, in partnership with Bitrise, is organizing a "Tour de France" at the end of 2024, which will give the stage to experts from different companies, from a variety of industries, on their experiences in Mobile Ops. First event will take place in Lille!

Pre-registration at mlevasseur@ippon.fr.

About Bitrise

Bitrise is a Mobile DevOps company whose platform is used by more than 6,000 businesses to maximize the business impact of their mobile apps. Working with Bitrise, the world’s most sophisticated mobile organizations, such as eBay, Dyson, Reddit, WISE, Duolingo and Philips Hue, get their apps to market faster, improve security and keep up with constantly changing mobile requirements. Bitrise enables companies to automate testing, accelerate build times, and quickly understand how new pieces of code affect live apps.

Bitrise, a Y-combinator company, has been recognized by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ for DevOps Platforms, and by Forbes as the company powering app creation for 50% of the world’s mobile unicorns.


About Ippon Technologies

Founded in 2002, Ippon Technologies is an international, independent technology consulting and expertise firm. Ippon supports the digital transformation of companies, helping them to design their strategy and deploy their roadmap at scale, in order to rapidly deliver the expected value. Driven by a collective energy and a taste for challenge, Ippon Technologies has over 700 tech-savvy employees worldwide. en.ippon.tech


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