Ippon Technologies accelerates its customers' business and obtains the AWS DevOps Competency

Ippon Technologies, a consulting firm that accelerates its clients' innovative products and digital strategy, has just been awarded the AWS DevOps Competency. An external company commissioned by AWS has audited Ippon Technologies on its ability to implement a state of the art DevOps approach. This audit, which took place over six weeks, focused on four concrete cases of implementing cloud solutions on AWS. Fifty precise criteria were examined by the auditors to validate this competence and in particular the results in terms of optimizing Time to Market with a high level of quality. The DevOps competency complements the previously acquired Data & Analytics Consulting competency and reinforces Ippon Technologies' positioning as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. 

Accelerated time-to-market in complete safety

The AWS DevOps competency, which notably validates the mastery of best practices in infrastructure automation and deployment, is a rare skill that only a few companies have globally. "This skill is somewhat equivalent to the ISO 9001 standard for the Cloud," said Geoffray Gruel, Chief Operations Officer at Ippon Technologies. It's the assurance of going fast and securely in the implementation of Cloud solutions. The projects developed at our customers' sites prove that speed and quality can go hand in hand. The excellence of AWS solutions and their technological advancements allow us to deliver on our customer promise: transform and accelerate high-quality digital projects".

New Cloud & DevOps Practice Lead in the US Market

To strengthen this positioning and support its US customers in the best possible way, Ippon Technologies USA welcomes Brian Knight  as the new Cloud & DevOps Practice Lead. 

Brian is an interdisciplinary technologist with over 20 years of experience formulating, articulating, and executing resilient, efficient, and scalable software delivery platforms. As a master of cloud infrastructure and architecture, Brian is particularly adept at serving as a conduit between technology and business, expressing the value of technical designs in terms of executive teams' measures. He is a passionate teacher, combining in-depth knowledge and experience with vivid examples, amusing illustrative anecdotes, and relevant facts to inspire others through presentations, writing, and mentorship.

Brian has experience designing and building cloud-based delivery solutions for companies ranging in size from startups to the Fortune 100. He has successfully managed large teams and delivered interdisciplinary solutions to healthcare, e-commerce, and financial services partners.

"Running workloads in the cloud and truly taking advantage of the cloud paradigm are two very different things. At Ippon Technologies, our technologists have the experience and understanding to leverage the cloud's benefits to deliver operational and financial value for our partners while ensuring reliability, performance, and security. Ippon Technologies is a place where cloud experts can do the best work of their careers, working with exciting and ever-evolving technologies in a fun, innovative environment” said Brian Knight

About Ippon Technologies

Created in 2002, Ippon Technologies is a consulting firm that accelerates its clients' innovative products and digital strategy. Ippon Technologies helps companies of various sectors and sizes develop and transform their information systems with high-performance applications and robust solutions. en.ippon.tech