Ippon: Positive Technology

At Ippon, we are constantly improving to support our customers in their digital transformation. As of this year, Ippon has more than five hundred employees and generates $60M in revenue worldwide. By 2024, our goal is to reach $100M in revenue and hire our 1,000th employee during the Paris Olympic Games!  

Innovate Accelerate Scale.png

To give ourselves the means to achieve our ambitions, we have conducted a "strategic introspection" among our teams. From our reflection, in association with the agency 4uatre, a new mission statement has emerged that carries all our values and convictions: “Using our Collective Energy for Positive Technology to Empower Transformation.”

This is based upon three pillars, which you can discover in our press release.

Our expertise to meet our clients' challenges

Our strength lies in our ability to work together to meet the strategic, technological, and transformational challenges of our clients. We collaborate with our clients in three ways:

  • Innovate: Start from a “blank page” to organize the capacity for innovation and enable rapid change (market launch, for example)
  • Accelerate: Accelerate the transformation on specific tactical subjects (organization, culture, or IT), by leading innovation and modernization simultaneously on a prioritized roadmap
  • Scale: On more structural operations, ignite growth by deploying and industrializing best practices across the company

We consider this triptych to be essential to the success of digital transformation programs. It is at the core of our offering. 

We pride ourself:

  • With a strong culture of technology expertise, focused on Data, Cloud/DevOps, Agility, Craftsmanship, and Product.
  • By analyzing and appropriating our customers' business challenges to quickly deliver expected value.
  • In a continuous way, thanks to the alignment of the concepts of culture, business, process, and tech.

We invite you to discover our new brand identity through our websites (US, FR, AUS, RUS), each armed with a user path completely redesigned by our team