Keys to understanding Migration — The first step towards Modernization

Organizations today seek agility for innovation and responsiveness, but managing a complex application portfolio poses challenges. Evaluating applications based on functional, feature, and business requirements, known as The Seven Rs, is vital for the cloud journey with AWS. Understanding technical aspects and customer value empowers informed decision-making, leading to cost savings, improved uptime, and enhanced IT infrastructure management through cloud migration. Modernizing the application portfolio enables greater agility, innovation, and cost reduction.

Table of contents

  • How can a sustainable transformation be driven?
  • Why are migrations and modernizations significant for IT professionals today?
  • Why should I modernize my application portfolio?
  • How should I rethink my application portfolio?
  • What are my options as I adopt the cloud?
  • The Seven Rs: Common use cases and deployment
  • About Ippon Technologies
  • Benefits of migrating to AWS with Ippon Technologies
  • Case study: Orange Bank
  • Learn more