Cloud Factory

CIO's Road Map to Leveraging the Cloud-Factory

Cloud technology drives innovation. But in a busy marketplace of complex options, it’s the CIO’s responsibility to make the right technical and strategic choices for the organization. This eBook is the road map for CIOs in building that cloud-based “digital factory” — with guidance on programming, architectures, corporate culture and more!


An essential resource for CIOs working with the cloud

If you're a CIO, the cloud is good news. But you can only leverage the value if you transform the organization to work well in the cloud. This eBook is the CIO's handbook for doing just that. We focus on the core priorities for building the right "digital factory" for your organization, including :



The right and wrong ways to program for the cloud.


Team Alignment.

How to structure your staff for efficient, agile development and delivery of new capabilities and services.



How to tie cloud efforts to business priorities and drive value for your company.


Organizational Culture.

How to optimize the workforce to be more cloud-compentent and data-driven.

About Ippon.



A top 10 U.S. Bank rewrote a mainframe application to a cloud-based microservices application and built a pipeline for new development to get into production in less than an hour.



A large healthcare organization shortened new digital serivces launches from 9 months to 6 weeks by replatforming with AWS and JHipster.



A large US staffing firm was able to scole and deliver a response in 3 months while standard methods were estimating a 9 month timeframe.